Below you will find answers to any general enquiries that you may have.

If you haven't already head to our artists pages, where you will be able to choose an artist and complete an enquiry form, there will be a few questions to answer and some information about booking in. Please ensure you read this carefully to make to booking process as streamline and quick as we can.

The best way to get a quote would be to come in for a consultation with your chosen artist. We're able to book you in for a consultation once you've completed an enquiry form on our artist page.

We are able to give rough estimates over the internet however these are only guides and estimates upon the information we receive.

All of our artists charge £70ph and all pieces are charged based upon an hourly rate. Some pieces are a lot harder to quote due to not knowing how much work will exactly need to go into them. We will however give you a time frame per appointment and will only charge you for the amount of time you were tattooed for.

Our minimum shop charge is £45. (Yes, even if you have a tiny dot it'll still be £45 )

We do not offer discounts or deals on any of our tattoos.

Our tattoo artists are all CASH only so you will need to bring the correct payment with you on the day of your tattoo. (Amount of hours you are booked x £70 )

All appointments will require a 50% deposit to be paid to secure the appointment. This can be done via BACS or cash in the shop. If we do not receive a deposit at least 7 days after booking, the appointment will be cancelled without warning.

All deposits are non-refundable with no exceptions, however, If you cancel within 14 days of your appointment, we will transfer your deposit to your next booked appointment, this will only be done once. If you cancel more than once, you will automatically lose your deposit.

All of our artists do unfortunately have waiting lists. The length of wait does depend upon the artist of your choice. Some of our artists do have longer waits than others however you will be made aware of this at a consultation.

All of our artists are unable to take on new work instantly; the books will open in two month intervals at a time. In this window we aim to book all ongoing work in, with the hope of having spaces left to book new work in. We are unsure each time if we have space to fit new work in. If we do have spaces that become available we get in contact with the people on the waiting list in order.

We request that all customers are hydrated before there appointment and have had something to eat at least 2 hours prior to your appointment.

Please try to not have alcohol the night before. We will also be unable to tattoo you if you are sunburned. Please do not apply fake tan or lotions before your appointment.

All the artist's will do the upmost to ensure that you are comfortable during your appointment. We have the right to refuse your work if you arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol to your appointment.

Your ideas will be drawn up for the date of your tattoo ONLY. This is due to us having customers whom have appointments before you. Your design will be shown to you on the day of your appointment, alterations can be made on the day if you are unhappy with the design. The designs may look different once drawn due to the finer details and colours being added in once the tattoo gets started.

Of Course, we would like you to be comfortable during your tattoo appointment. We do request however that you only bring one person with you as the studio is small and we have to respect the privacy of others getting tattooed, and the area can get crowded very quickly.

You must be 18 and provide ID to get tattooed in the UK. We will require you to provide ID and complete a consent form as you arrive at the studio so please bring this with you. We will not complete tattoos on any person under 18.

We will not tattoo anyone whom is pregnant.
If you are breast feeding and would like to be tattooed this will be down to your discretion. We practice high levels of infection control within the studio, however if you were to get an infection this may affect your milk. This will be down to the artist and clients discretion only.

    After your tattoo appointment, you will be given an aftercare form, however if you have misplaced this:

  • Take Off the bandage when you get home
  • Wash the tattoo with warm water and un scented soap
  • Once the tattoo is cleansed and dry, apply a thin layer of F1030 aftercare.
  • Apply ointment 2-3 times a day until the tattoo is healed.

  • For the First two weeks:

  • No swimming or soaking. Showering is fine however no bathing
  • Do not pick or scratch your tattoo. This can cause damage.
  • No tanning, Keep your tattoo out of the sun. After two weeks, if you do decide to tan then you should wear sun cream.
  • Do not allow other people to touch your healing tattoo.

After lots of trialling we have chosen to provide F1030 in the studio for the aftercare of your tattoos.
Alternatively we would suggest using cocoa butter or an unscented cream.

Unfortunately due to our waiting lists we are unable to accommodate online booking via our system. We only cater for hair appointments with our online booking system. If you would like to book in with an artist please go to our artists page.

No, we specialise in Tattoos, Barbering and Hairdressing here at Deerheart Collective. If we introduce piercings this will be on our Facebook page, So give us a follow to keep up to date!

Our Barbers will cut any age hair and include a range or services. You will find a list of these on our Barber page.

We sell gift vouchers for all services. We will only be able to sell gift vouchers for tattoos if the person is already booked in for tattoo work to be done, or is ongoing work.

We do accept card for Barbering and Hairdressing appointments.

For tattoos we will require Cash so please ensure that you bring any correct payment with you, If you are unsure of what this amount will be please contact the studio.

We sell a variety of products in our studio. Which includes T-shirts, Hair products, Artwork and limited Body Jewellery. We have a merch page with all of this on.